Land Consolidation Information


The Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations, created to implement part of the Cobell Settlement, is offering fair market value to certain landowners to restore fractional land interests to tribes, which helps ensure that Indian lands stay in trust.

While purchase amounts will vary, some individuals are receiving thousands of dollars for their fractional interests in trust land.

All sales are voluntary, and landowners will have 45 days to accept offers.

Participation in the Buy-Back Program is voluntary and selling land does not jeopardize a landowner's ability to receive individual settlement payments from the Cobell Settlement, which are being handled by the Garden City Group.

If you are an Indian trust landowner, you can call the U.S. Department of Interior Trust Beneficiary Call Center to learn more about the Buy-Back Program, your options, and to ensure that your contact information is current.

By Phone: Trust Beneficiary Call Center 1 (888) 678-6836

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Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations,
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