FRAUD ALERT: Individuals Asking for Payment in Exchange for Assistance with the Cobell Settlement

Individuals have represented that they will “process” applications for Cobell funds in exchange for a percentage of funds received. Please be advised that these individuals are not acting on behalf of the Cobell Settlement. No one associated with the Cobell Settlement will ever request payment or bank account information for any services or information provided.

Any questions or concerns about the Cobell Settlement, including eligibility or names listed as “whereabouts unknown,” should be directed to Garden City Group, LLC (“GCG”), the court appointed administrator for the Settlement. GCG representatives will be happy to provide information and assistance with the claims process as needed. If you are contacted by any third party individual or group offering to provide any kind of service related to the Cobell Settlement in exchange for payment, please write down any available details such as the name of the individual or group, phone number, and/or email, and contact GCG by calling 1-800-961-6109 or sending an email to